Unlocking the Secrets of Arm Balance: A Workshop on Core Strength and Stability for Everyday Life

On Friday, March 10th, 2023, Martasya Yoga Shala Bogor held a workshop program aimed at training core, strength, and stability in performing arm balances, as well as providing techniques for bhakasana, arm balances, inversions, and how to apply them in daily life. This program was held to increase awareness among participants of the proper techniques required for Arm Balance, as the risk involved in performing this pose is relatively high. Without proper control over body movements and muscles, it is possible to get into the pose but lose control and fall out of it.

Devina Arsyadi, one of the participants, stated, “After seeing the poster, I knew I had to sign up for this workshop because I really need to learn the techniques and the importance of balance.” The workshop provided valuable insights into Arm Balance techniques and the benefits of performing them.


The benefits of the workshop included increased body awareness, core strength, and stability, improved balance and focus, and a greater understanding of how to apply these techniques in everyday life. The workshop was led by experienced instructors who provided personalized guidance and support to each participant, ensuring a safe and effective learning experience.

In conclusion, Martasya Yoga Academy would like to extend its sincere thanks to all participants for attending the Arm Balance workshop program. We hope that you gained valuable insights into proper techniques and the importance of balance, and we encourage you to continue practicing these techniques in your daily life. Remember to always prioritize safety and listen to your body as you work towards your personal fitness goals. Namaste.